HRK Retail Company Profile

Our Story

Founded in 1966, HRK Retail has set itself to be a market leader in providing hospitality, retail and receipting software to the South African marketplace.

HRK has been involved with creating, installing and supporting stock control systems for the Retails Industry. We first began supplying point of sale solutions to the liquor industry, ever since the first liquor store was installed with cash registers linked to a PC in the mid 1980's.

During the early 2010's, we expanded our portfolio by collaborating with an American based company, FuturePos, to provide point of sale solutions to the Hospitality Industry. FuturePOS was founded in 1998. and has come a long way since its humble beginnings and can be seen regularly on SPIKE TV’s Bar Rescue™. You’ll also find Future POS software at some of the finest restaurants around the world.

Building on this heritage, today HRK Retail focuses its innovation prowess on addressing the unmet needs of retailers in South Africa. This year we have broadened our offerings and have successfully launced our new HRK Butchery and HRK Hardware software to further cement our position in the Retail Industry. The new software caters to the Meat Industry and the Home Centre and Hardware Store Industry, respectively. 

While our national headquarters is located in Johannesburg, we provide local service and support throughout South Africa.

Our Goal

Our goal is to keep our customers ahead of the pack by constantly integrating new technologies into our software solutions. Our POS software integrates core business functions such as sales tracking, accounts receivable, purchasing and inventory management across multiple registers or retail branches. It also provides the infrastructure for connecting retail locations with supply chain operations and upper management. Our POS systems are among the most sophisticated and powerful computer networks in commercial use. 

Our Mission Statement

HRK Retail is a company of Integrity. Integrity is in our Software, its purpose and the result it achieves. Our clients purchase our software products for the sole purpose of installing and implementing Integrity into their own business’s. It is our Company’s mission to install, train & support all our products and Customers with 100% integrity, 100% of the time and to communicate with the highest level of trust and understanding. We promise our Customers to form partnerships with integrity showing dedication and commitment towards achieving a common goal.

Our Vision

To be the premier point of sale company in the retail industry, providing high-quality innovative solutions.

Our Values

We act with integrity and our actions are ethical and equitable.

- We focus on building great customer experiences.

- We forge strong relationships with customers, with each other and with suppliers.

- We encourage and support innovation.

- We react quickly & decisively to changes and challenges.

- We work to benchmark practices.

- We value, encourage and reward the talent, hard work and loyalty of our staff.

Our Products

HRK Retail offers a range of exceptional products that improves our customers productivity. 

HRK Liquor : It is a point of sale solution specifically designed software for the Retail Liquor Industry. With its in-depth, professional reporting, management and financial structure, it offers much more than a basic point of sale system. 

HRK Butchery : It is a point of sale solution specifically designed for the Meat Industry. Our software solution was designed keeping in mind what a butcher does. Butchers cut and trim meat from larger, wholesale portions into steaks, chops, roasts, and other cuts. Our software integrates the weight scale into the point of sale terminal - allowing the cashier to print labels, scan and process the sale simultaneously.  

HRK Hardware : It is a point of sale solution specifically designed by taking in view of all the business needs of a home centres & hardware stores. Our software integrates a handheld barcode printer and scanner to the point of sale terminal – allowing the cashier to print barcodes or shelf edge labels (for those products that do not have barcodes, such as wood, steel, pipes, etc.), scan and process the sale simultaneously. 


HRK Hospitality : Brought to South Africa by HRK, SA’s trusted point-of-sale partner, FuturePOS. FuturePOS offers the best hospitality technology on the market – at a price that can’t be matched in value. FuturePOS is a quantum leap forward in POS technology, bringing the hospitality industry the usability, reliability and business intelligence it needs to stay ahead of its game. FuturePOS meets and exceeds the standard POS offering, bringing you unique features that put you in ultimate control of your business.

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