What is a POS?

“POS” is an acronym for “Point of Sale” which is in itself a shorter form of – data capture at the point where a sale is made. The term came about as evolving computer hardware and software made it possible to capture the sale information at the time the sale was made.  

What do we offer?

HRK Retail have been providing POS solutions to the South African market for over 50 years. HRK Retail POS software is specifically customised for the Retail and Hospitality industry:

- HRK Liquor

- HRK Butcher

- HRK Hardware

- HRK Hospitality  

It automates the capture of financial and sales transactions. POS systems are among the most sophisticated and powerful computer networks in commercial use. POS systems integrate core business functions such as sales tracking, accounts receivable, purchasing and inventory management across multiple registers or retail branches. POS software also provides the infrastructure for connecting store locations with supply chain operations and upper management.

Our Software Packages

HRK Liquor is a specifically designed software for the Retail Liquor Industry. With its in-depth, professional reporting, management and financial structure, it offers much more than a basic point of sale system! It can be customised furthermore to meet your specific needs; saving you time, ensuring your business is more productive, your paperwork more manageable and your business more profitable.

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HRK Butchery Point of Sale is not only a solution for accepting and processing payments, it includes a complete financial and inventory module with integrated weight scales and more - It is a solution for your entire business!

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HRK Hardware has been specifically designed by taking in view of all the business needs of a hardware store. Its strong Inventory Management & Financial Module makes it unparalleled. HRK Hardware saves you time so that you can provide your customers with the best quality service.

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HRK Hospitality offers FuturePos software. You can feel confident that your establishment is in good hands with our “award-winning” point-of-sale software for the hospitality industry. Future POS has been first to market with numerous cutting-edge technologies, including Fingerprint Recognition, Digital Signage, Mobile POS, Kiosk POS, and Cloud based Data Analytics.

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Available Modules

The following MODULES can be adapted for any of our INHOUSE software packages.

EM software, A.K.A Central Server, is used to manage the needs of an organisation in a Multi-branch environment. It Consolidates all data from all stores and can be reported on.s

Business Intelligence software is a set of tools used to Retrieve, Analyse and Transfer data. 

Customer Relationship Management software allows a company to Manage and Analyse it’s own interaction with it’s past, current and potential customers.

A Customer Loyalty program is a structured marketing effort that provide Incentives to loyal customers who demonstrate loyal buying behaviour.

Online shopping for Point of Sale.

Direct to consumers via websites and mobile apps, enabling conversation via live chats bots and voice assistance.

Web development is everything involved in the creation and maintenance of a Website.

With HRK web reporting software, company’s can give users across the enterprise the ability to access and create web reports from within any application. 

From secure login to end-user access, web reporting with HRK has never been easier.

Social Media Management is the use of social media platforms to promote a product or service.

We will post user-generated content, also known as “earned media,” on your company’s social media profiles (ie. Facebook, Instagram).

Feature Highlight of the Week New

POS Automation Simplified

Are you in the Retail industry? Own a Butchery, Hardware Store or Liquor Store? Does your POS solution allow for customised barcoding & labelling? Are they able to be synced to your sales, purchase orders or stock takes?

With HRK software, YOU CAN! Product labelling has become a means of communication between the brand and the consumer. The use of barcodes on product labels in Point Of Sale applications, ensures 100% accurate & automated data capture.

Our software allows the user to easily assign and manage barcodes for their products and share it with the till points seamlessly in one go which helps in avoiding of duplication of barcodes.

If the product does not have a barcode, easily create your own inhouse barcode. Labels can be customised as per requirement.

The ultimate result of our comprehensive system is a reduction in overheads!

Save time on Support, Software Design & Development

We are a Proudly South African company. We have a local, dedicated team of technicians and a programmer to assist our customers 24/7.

We offer customised software solutions adapted to our customers needs. 

  • Fully Responsive
  • Modular Components
  • Customised Screen Layouts
  • Suits Your Styles
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