Frequently Asked Questions


What is a POS?

“POS” is an acronym for “Point of Sale which is in itself a shorter form of “data capture at the point where a sale is made”. The term came about as evolving computer hardware and software made it possible to capture the sale information at the time the sale was made.

Do I have to pay for a Demo?

No, it is FREE with no obligation to purchase

Where can I get more help?

We are available and ready to assist you on 011 894 7244 or via email

Does the POS Software and hardware need to be purchased from the same vendor?

No. We will assess your current hardware and if it complies with our software, it can be used. We provide a all in one solution, from the software, hardware and training.

If the server should stop working, would the terminal be able to process a sale?

POS software that has an offline mode will continue to work, even during a server interruption, depending on the existing battery level. When the connection re-establishes, the data from the offline transactions are uploaded to the memory for use in transaction details and reports.

I have more than one store, will HRK work for me?

Yes. Each store communicates through a secure cloud server, giving you a real time view of your business.

Does HRK allow split payments?

Yes, HRK can split multiple forms of payment on a single transaction.

Does my software licence expire?

Yes, a yearly licence renewal will apply

Are HRK systems secure?

Yes. Our offering includes Anti-virus software, camera surveillance and fingerprint ID readers/ scanners. 

Fingerprint ID readers are used for time keeping functions requiring the staff to validate themselves with their fingerprint when clocking in and out of the POS system. This eliminates the opportunity for buddy-punching which can create unearned payroll expense for the restaurant. 

The second use of fingerprint ID readers is to limit manager access to the POS system by requiring them to validate themselves when doing voids, discounts or other manager functions. 

Fingerprint ID validation also improves manager accountability since the manager must be present to access the POS system.


Is switching expensive?

No, with our competitive pricing our deals are structured to ensure that the conversion process is as cost effective and efficient as possible.

Will someone rom HRK set up the new system?

Yes, Installation is included

Is it difficult to transfer my inventory, customer data, accounts receivable, etc. to HRK?

No, while we assemble your system, our technicians prepare your data for installation on to your new system. After your data is converted and thoroughly verified by our technical team, it will be installed for you.

Can I use my current hardware?

It depends on your current RAM (8GB), processor capabilities (CPU/ Motherboard) and whether it is Touchscreen enabled.


Where will the training be?

Training is provided either at HRK Main Office or On Site – Additional Fees will apply.

Are there different levels of training?

No, standard training is given at an intermediate level.