How Secure is your POS System?
Point of sale (POS) solutions are fantastic to use because they can encourage retail and hospitality companies, speed up operations, and save consumers a lot of time. But, as a connected IT device, they are vulnerable to the same vulnerabilities that any connected IT system are susceptible to.

Since POS networks handle so many credit and debit card transactions, they are still a risk for identity theft. Every day, POS systems around the world handle a vast amount of transactions and transmit sensitive credit/debit card data over the internet. Because of the link to payment card information, POS systems are a tempting target for hackers and other criminals.

Through attaching a tracking device to the POS system, remotely downloading malware, or sniffing data over the internet, criminals may steal information. By linking to the card issuer via the internet, POS systems confirm card information. This data remains unencrypted for a period of time, during which time remote hackers will steal it.

Fingerprint authentication is a low-cost and efficient way to improve the security of your POS system. It's been used in a variety of applications for a long time and is an easy biometric authentication tool to set up.

Employee thefts may be prevented by using fingerprint recognition in conjunction with proper monitoring. It also reduces buddy punching and improves payroll productivity. Fingerprint verification for signing into a POS system will help prevent data theft and system manipulation.

Fingerprint authentication can be used in all areas of a POS system where password authentication is required. As opposed to passwords, which can be exchanged, lost, and even stolen, it offers superior protection. When the fingerprint scanner is integrated with the software and hardware, it takes over POS security, requiring all employees to check their fingerprint before gaining entry.

HRK Retail POS Software also allows you to customize the rate of access for each employee class.  For example, which aspects of the software do cashiers, managers, and the owner have access to.  Since the manager must be present to overwrite any mistakes on the POS system, fingerprint ID validation ensures manager accountability.

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