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what we do

HRK Retail have been providing POS solutions to the South African market for over 50 years. 

HRK Retail POS software is specifically customised for the Retail and Hospitality industry. 

Our POS systems are among the most sophisticated and powerful computer networks in commercial use today. 

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Our POS systems automate the capture of financial and sales transactions. Furthermore, it integrates core business functions such as sales tracking, accounts receivable, purchasing and inventory management across multiple registers or retail locations.
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Our software packages

HRK Liquor

HRK Liquor is a point of sale solution specifically designed for the Retail Liquor Industry, by being able to differentiate whether the product is sold by the case, six-pack, or bottle.

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HRK Butchery

HRK Butchery software is specifically designed for the Meat Industry - it integrates the weight scale with the point of sale terminal.

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HRK Hardware

HRK Hardware software integrates a handheld barcode printer and scanner to the point of sale terminal – allowing the cashier to print barcodes or shelf edge labels, scan and process the sale simultaneously.

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HRK Hospitality

Brought to South Africa by HRK, our trusted point-of-sale partner, FuturePOS. The best hospitality technology on the market – at a price that can’t be matched in value.

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available modules

The following MODULES can be adapted for any of our INHOUSE software packages.
HRK Enterprise

EM software, A.K.A Central Server, is used to manage the needs of an organisation in a Multi-branch environment.

It Consolidates the data from all stores and can be reported on.

HRK Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence software is a set of tools used to Retrieve, Analyse and Transfer data. 


Customer Relationship Management software allows a company to Manage and Analyse it’s own interaction with it’s past, current and potential customers.

HRK Web Reporting

With HRK web reporting software, company’s can give users across the enterprise the ability to access and create web reports from within any application.

From secure login to end-user access, web reporting with HRK has never been easier.

HRK Loyalty

A Customer Loyalty program is a structured marketing effort that provide Incentives to loyal customers who demonstrate loyal buying behaviour.

It can be customised per client requirements.

HRK Social Media Management

Social Media Management is the use of social media platforms to promote a product or service.

We will post user-generated content, also known as “earned media,” on your company’s social media profiles (ie. Facebook, Instagram).

HRK Web Development

Web development is everything involved in the creation and maintenance of a Website.

HRK Online

Online shopping for Point of Sale.

Direct to consumers via websites and mobile apps, enabling conversation via live chats bots and voice assistance.

a personal touch

We are a Proudly South African company and we believe in providing a personal touch. With our local, dedicated team of technicians, our customers always know who's on the other end of the call. Our service offering is straight forward and direct to customer.

We deliver customised software applications specific to the needs of our clients.

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your omnichannel solution


The way we think about retail sales today and how we connect with customers has changed. With #lockdown restrictions, #socialdistancing and #stayathome mindsets in place, businesses can no longer only rely on in-store purchases.

HRK Retail and Hospitality Solutions omnichannel retailing strategy integrates back-end distribution, promotion and communication channels; providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers, whether they shop online from a desktop or mobile device, by phone, or in a brick-and-mortar store.

In addition, our platform offers real-time sales and inventory monitoring to ensure that you always have fast turnaround stock on hand.

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